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The Old School is owned and operated by the Stoke Climslamd Community Project (SCCP) which is a charity (no. 10692420) and company registered in England and Wales (no. 03430472). It is managed by Trustees who employ a manager, a bookkeeper, a caretaker and a cleaner and with the activities and events organised and conducted by a large team of volunteers. The SCCP is fully constituted and people from the Stoke Climsland and surrounding community can become members and can participate in the work of the Project. However, use of The Old School is not limited to members.

The Trustees meet once a month  Click here to see the names of Trustees, their contact details and roles. This link also gives access to minutes of recent Trustees' meetings and to policy statements adopted by the Trustees.

Details of membership of the SCCP are available by clicking here. The links also give access to minutes of recent Annual Meetings and to the reports submitted to those meetings.

The Old School office is staffed every weekday morning by office volunteers who are able to respond to queries, take bookings, assist with room hire and documentation and so on. Click here for full details.

Rooms at The Old School are available for hire either singly or in combination. Users have full access to the services and facilities which include a fully equipped catering service, a modern audio-visual facility, a bar, free WiFi and the usual complement of furniture. Full details and access to the relevant paperwork are available if you click here.

Directions to The Old School and full contact details for the office are available here.

The Old School offers a free and fast WiFi system available in all parts of the building

Trustee meeting
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Community meal
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