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The Old School Membership runs annually from 1 September to 31 August.

Being a member enables people to have a say in the running of The Old School. The benefits to the members include voting rights at the AGM, access to the financial reports and statements and the ability to become a Trustee.


The membership fees support The Old School by contributing towards the cost of the maintenance of the building and the running of all the events that are held.


The cost is only £10 per annum and if you would like to help The Old School please join by following the link on the right.


For more information on membership you can either

contact the membership secretary Vivienne Davis on 01579 383819 or enquire at The Old School office; click here for details



Members vote

Click here to access a membership application form

Click here to see agendas and minutes for the current AGM

Click here to see the most recent trustees' report to members

Click here to see the most recent accounts

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