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Rooms, including the kitchen, at The Old School are available for hire either singly or in combination and for any period. Generally speaking the hire of a room will include access to all the equipment and furniture in that room but we can adjust this to suit a hirer's needs.

The Old School is open every weekday morning and at all other times when rooms are in use. The room hire service is available for all weekdays and weekends except for closure periods over Christmas, Easter and other public holidays; the closures are generally announced in advance. A diary of room use is maintained in the office and, if you are planning an event, it is advisable to contact the office in advance to ensure room, furniture and equipment availability.

The kitchen and bar are available for hire in support of events, where this is appropriate. This may involve catering services provided by us, using our volunteer catering staff, or use of the kitchen by the hirer or by an outside caterer. Some special conditions (mainly concerned with licensing, safety and hygiene) attach to the hire of these facilities so it is essential to discuss terms of hire with the office in advance of making a booking.

We aim to offer a friendly and supportive service and the manager and office volunteer staff will make every effort to accommodate all hire requests. Whilst the facilities at The Old School are available to all groups, whether or not they are based in Stoke Climsland parish, hirers are required to adhere to the policies under which we operate, copies of which will be supplied by the office.

To the right are links to information that you may need if you wish to hire space at The Old School for your event. Documents can be downloaded and printed if needed.

Community meal

To make an enquiry at the office, click here

For general information about the conditions of hire, click here

For information about catering services, click here

For a leaflet describing rooms, facilities and hire costs, click here

For information about Old School user policies, click here

For a booking form, click here

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