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There is a wide range of special one-off events held at The Old School; some are public events but many are private. Some examples of these events involve full catering, others none at all.  Some examples of these events are

  • wedding receptions

  • funeral teas

  • birthday parties

  • meetings - large or small

  • exhibitions and displays

  • open days

  • school events such as Victorian School

The Old School has rooms of different sizes and furniture can be set out to suit the users' needs. There is also a range of audio-visual facilities whaich can be provided in any room, access to WiFi and a range of office facilities.

Some of these events are linked to groups that use The Old School on a regular or ongoing basis - common examples are the mounting of exhibitions of work by the art groups and displays by the Parish Archive. From the exhibitions it is possible for artists to sell their work which will be seen by a large number of people who use the building over a period of, say, a month.


Click here for information about room hire

Click here for information about Old School catering services

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