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South Hill Association for Renewable Energy (SHARE) sends items to Terracycle, a recycling company, tackling plastic waste, and raising funds for Kicks Count charity, reducing UK stillbirths.

At the Old School you’ll find the Recycling Collection point at the restored outside toilets in The Old School playground.

There are two doors clearly marked RECYCLING FOR RECYCLING. Behind the doors are labelled containers for you to place your items in.

These items are not recycled via your kerbside collection. They are dictated by well known manufacturers and must be strictly adhered to.

Lists are available at the Old School recycling collection point and on line.

The containers are emptied regularly by volunteers and it is important that users put waste materials in the right bins.

For more information call Ali Humphreys on 07395 044049 or click here to email

For the list of collection dates and recycling details click here

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