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The Old School News has been published very regularly since The Old School opened as a community centre in the late 1990s. It has expanded to be a substantial magazine covering events happening in the parish or likely to be of interest to the parish community, though happening elsewhere. Its coverage goes well beyond what is happening at The Old School.

Until early 2020 The Old School News was delivered free of charge to all households in the parish and to households in nearby Callington. It was also supplied by email to many people who did not live locally (some were outside the UK) and copies were posted online. The full distribution had by then grown to a total of well over 4500 copies, published 10 times a year with financial support coming mainly from advertising revenue. Because the production was undertaken by a volunteer team the only direct costs were for printing, delivery and for the distribution in Callington which was done on a commercial basis.


The Old School News was, for many years, the principal means of communicating information and reports of local events - it effectively provided a diary facility for the parish.

The coronavirus pandemic and its consequences made this pattern of working impossible to sustain. Advertising revenue diminished sharply and door-to-door delivery became impossible. In agreement with and supported by the Stoke Climsland Parish Council a Newsletter was produced instead of The Old School News, and with a largely different team of people. This was distributed only online on the Old School's Facebook page and, more recently, on a dedicated website. The Newsletter has been a smaller publication, carrying a small amount of advertising, but primarily intended to provide Covid-related advice, help and information, together with items of local interest intended to link the local community more closely. 

To view recent issues of the Old School Newsand the more recent issues of the Newsletter, click here.

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