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The Stoke Climsland Local History Group, when circumstances allow, meets monthly at The Old School for lectures and discussions on topics of interest to those who like history. ‘Local History’ is interpreted fairly broadly and subjects related to Devon and Cornwall regularly feature. Anything to do with mining, Dartmoor and Naval History seem to be particular favourites with our members.


We are lucky to be able to attract a wide variety of speakers and do our very best to reflect the interests of our members. Our programme of indoor talks is always supplemented, in the summer months, with a number of themed walks guided by experts in the subject matter. Although there is a modest annual fee for members, the meetings are open to all with an interest in history.

local history
local history
local history

For further information you can call Deri Parsons on 01579 370319 or click here to email him

or click here to contact The Old School Office

Information about the current programme is available as a pdf file which you can view or download and print. Please click here.

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