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All those who use the kitchen, whether Old School volunteers or outside users or caterers who have booked the kitchen as part of a more general hire of rooms, are subject to the hygiene regulations with which The Old School must comply. These will be part of the discussion with the manager at the time of making the booking. In general, the conditions of hire that apply to all room users also apply to use of the kitchen and can be accessed by clicking here. 

The kitchen is fully equipped, has a 5-star rating, and can be used to prepare food for 80 or more people. Hire comes complete with a full range of kitchen equipment, crockery, cutlery etc. There is a file in the kitchen containing instructions for the use of all the equipment and gadgets and the manager will be pleased to run through this information with anyone hiring the facility.

The trustees have put in place a set of requirements that take account of the Covid-19 pandemic regulations and advice. These will apply for the time being but may be interpreted in the light of changes to that advice that happen from time to time. Click here for The Old School special conditions of hire that will apply for the time being.

There is a document in the Safe Food For Better Businesses file in the kitchen which needs completing by anyone who uses the kitchen to supply food. The manager will show users where this is when they book. Further information is available on the government website; click here

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