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The Orchards Group offers several services.

  • In spring volunteers run grafting sessions to make the trees for the users' chosen varieties.

  • Community Apple Pressing Days are held at The Old School each autumn, when people can bring their own crop (whether large or small) to use the large hydraulic apple press to make apple juice.

  • And users can learn how to pasteurise or freeze the juice so that it can be enjoyed for years. Alternatively they can learn how to turn it into cider, wine or vinegar.

  • The Group may have a specialist on hand who can help identify users' own apples (please bring a specimen or two). There is often a display of many different varieties and Group members may wish to make a photo-record of varieties that have been brought.

  • There are often displays about fruit growing in the Tamar Valley, childrens’ games and competitions (such as for the best apple pie).

  • Advice about pruning apple trees and about the wildlife in an orchard is available.

  • Group members may hire the apple press and pasteurisers. This is especially useful when there is a large number of apples to press or when neighbours can share time on the press. Tuition can be given and those using the press will need to demonstrate competence in using it.

To find out more about growing apple trees and orchard wildlife, call Richard on 01579 370411

To hire the press call James on 01822 870207

apple press
Apple Juice

The Tamar Valley Orchards Volunteer Group stores its collection of surveys of local orchards and its records of local varieties of apple and other fruits in the Stoke Climsland Parish Archive.

To contact the Archive, click here

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