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Heritage and History in Stoke Climsland Parish.


The Parish Archive is located in The Old School and houses the local collection of thousands of documents (not originals, but many unique translations and transcriptions) dating from the earlier Middle Ages to the present day. These include Manorial records and key documents for the study of local families and places, or for your academic research.

You will find Photographs from the 1800’s, tape recorded Interviews made in the 1990’s, and Maps of different periods and scales. The collections of some other local organisations are here, including East Cornwall Mining History Assn, and the Tamar Valley Orchards Volunteers Group.


Our library of books includes those produced locally, hundreds useful for local studies, and periodicals not least a full run of 20 years of the Old School News, and Cornwall & Devon Archaeological Society Journals.


Archive volunteers are always needed to hel to manage the growing collection, hold Open Days, put on Exhibitions and to lead Victorian Classroom days for schools in Cornwall and Devon.


We welcome researchers and enquiries.

parish archive

A Parish Archive website is under development and will be linked here when ready.

For more information about the Archive or to arrange a visit either click here

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