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Traditional Acupuncture at The Old School Therapy Room.

Michael Clements runs busy clinics in Plymouth and Cornwall and has offered his services with Acupuncture at The Old School since 2002. As a frontline service his clinic has continued, with the appropriate safety measures, through lockdown and he is always happy to take calls and enquiries for a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.


Michael has been in practice since 1993 and has considerable experience in a variety of Acupuncture styles which include 5 element TCM, Auricular, Scalp and Facial Acupuncture. He combines Acupuncture with hands on Acupressure and soft tissue balancing and is always happy to give self management advice where possible.


If interested in a course of treatment, please ensure you visit Michael's website for any Covid updates and either book an appointment through the site or call the numbers given. You can leave a message and he will return your enquiry as soon as he can.


Shen Men-Spirit Gate. Traditional Acupuncture.

Michael Clements MA.Lic Ac. MBAcC. PGTC.

To see reviews Google 'Acupuncturist in Callington'

To contact Michael call 07711 834845

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