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200 CLUB

200 club

The 200 Club is a weekly draw run by the Stoke Climsland Communty Project (SCCP) at The Old School. Each ticket is £1 and the draw takes place each Friday during the Friday Lunch at The Old School.

A member may have more than one entry into the draw.  The maximum number of members allowed is 200, hence the name.


The size of the cash prize depends on the number of current members as it is 25% of the total weekly income. The balance of 75% is donated at regular intervals to the SCCP to help finance its various activities and for day to day running costs.


Payment can be made either through a bank by a regular monthly standing order (the preferred method) or by cash at the office.


Information about the 200 Club and an application to join can be made at the office; click here


New members will be very welcome.

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