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An informal IT Club has been meeting on Tuesday afternoons at The Old School for the past four years. Initially, it was intended to help people ‘get online’ by giving small group tuition in some basic skills, such as accessing the internet, using e-mail, word processing and image storage and editing. These sessions gradually changed in response to the needs of those attending and became problem solving sessions, whereby users came with their individual problems and help was given to resolve them. Help has also been given over the ‘phone and, in special circumstances, as home visits.


During 2020/21 the Club has only been able to provide online support but it is now intended to restart, probably less frequently and with a different format but nothing is yet set in stone and those involved will, as ever, respond to the needs of those attending.

IT Club
IT club

For further information, or to express an interest, you can call Deri Parsons on 01579 370319 or click here to email him

or click here to cointact The Old School Office

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