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The Old School Investors; Club is a group of local people who share an interest in investment, primarily on the Stock Market. We are a social group who meet monthly at The Old School to discuss the shares in our portfolios and opportunities for future investments.

Our prime objectives are to enjoy ourselves, usually sharing some wine while pursuing our interest, learning about the market and shares and making some money, which historically we have. Everyone in the club has the same voice no matter how much they have invested and our meetings are vibrant and fun, whether in person or online.

If you are interested in joining this Club you will not be expected to


  • be an expert on shares or share dealing

  • invest a large sum of money


You will have the opportunity to attend a meeting prior to joining the club to see if it is what you are looking for and whether you wish to expand your knowledge and interests.


For more information please contact the Secretary, Nigel Cooper on 07525 351628 or click here to send an email

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